mercoledì 13 aprile 2016


PostGrad in Progress: Anthropologie Hack Coasters:   

DIY agate coasters - these are beautiful! And so much cheaper than store-bought!:  



Build this bookcase. 
Instructions here.

Sew a quilted bedspread. 
You can even add pillows to match. Directions here.

Create a pendant light fixture. 

Make candlesticks out of a variety of trinkets. 
Tutorial here.

Create a lace embossed dish. 
Instructions here.

Transform an old dresser. 
Instructions here.


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Fringe Bedsheets 
Make your own tassel-fringed bedsheets 

XO Pillows 
These XO pillows are easy enough to imitate

Corkboard Map 
Make your own corkboard map 

Mason Jar Sewing Kit 
This blogger shows you how.

get the tutorial

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