mercoledì 2 marzo 2016


Plush taxidermy, they even have country, forrest and wild collections so you can choose the perfect severed head for your child's collection ;-):  

No more cluttered fridge. I love this. Change out as often as you want.:  

Once Upon a time lamp shade fairytale princess Disney Kids Shadow lamp shade on Etsy, $52.00:  


DIY Birdcage Lamp with Curtains 

Put an old stuffed animal in a frame—What a fun way to preserve a childhood favorite!:  


A cuddly rock room. Like a ball pit, but with rocks. Work as seating, pillows, easy to make, definitely inspiring for pretend.:  

A vintage wagon to store children's books. Talk about thinking outside of the box! Ivy Clad: Guest Post: Classic Chic Home ~ ORDER IN THE PLAYROOM:  

manchannel: By Claudio Bitetti on Teaching Literacy:  



love! What kid wouldn't love a "book nook" in their bedroom?!  Instead of shelving, use plastic rain gutters from Home Depot!:  

DIY Teen Room Decor Ideas for Girls | Whimsical Canopy Tent Reading Nook | Cool Bedroom Decor, Wall Art & Signs, Crafts, Bedding, Fun Do It Yourself Projects and Room Ideas for Small Spaces  

DIY paper mache animal heads tutorial via  

Shabby Chic Gorgeous Window Treatment.::  

How gorgeous are these...I can see these on my white drapes so will have to learn how to make cannot buy anything this pretty!!!!::  

Montessori approach to providing a dedicated reading area for a toddler. As soon as we setup the book display, our 18 month old found his way, picked a book and sat down to "read" by himself.:  

Lámpara de palets con forma de luna. Lámpara infantil disponible en  


Reuse: balanço de pallets. DIY pallet swing.: enfeite-porta-maternidade-MEL-PETIT






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