The Art Room 

Art Room flag 
Delivery bike decoration for christmas 

Bedtime story chair

DIY Tea-Towel Cafe Apron 

Lavender in Bike Basket 

Lavender basket and old butchers block 


DIY Watercolour place names 

Our lady of the Springtime 

DIY Bath tray 

An understated family bathroom 
 Christmas Cookies in a jar 

Christmas kitchen 

North Pole Sorting Office in Hallway 

Holiday tableau 

Guest room rug and bedside 


PHE paper 

Welcome to the Starlight Puppet Theatre! 

Fairy Doors in the Forest
log filled fireplace

Plan Chest 1


Hidden door

Snug corner

calcot manor hotel

Holiday House Entryway

Holiday scene from the stairs

The Little House at Christmastime

playhouse in the snow

view from bedroom into bathroom

new bathroom left view

bathroom shower

Kitchen with wall installation

playhouse interior

little house loft

The Little House in Springtime

amish star

Playroom Stairs

Playroom with fireplace

Playroom wall with shop

Playroom book nook

book nook montage

Playroom 5

spring blooms

Rainy Day Expedition Kit from katescreativespace

Contents of indoor expedition kit

In our rainy-day expedition case you’ll find:
  1. A field trip notebook and pen for recording what we see 
  2. A torch (you can teach morse code to older kids).  We had battery-powered fairy lights too for our den
  3. Toy walkie-talkies so we can communicate when out adventuring; real ones would be even cooler
  4. A large white sheet to use as a tent for our den, with pegs to hold it in place.
  5. Books to read in our tent, when eating our snacks
  6. Juice and crackers.  We ate these before we even started, so one of our first expeditions was back to the fridge
  7. A simple point-and-shoot camera for Harry to take endless blurry photos of our trip
  8. Hat and goggles, in the manner of all true explorers
  9. A sword, because you never know when you’ll meet a pirate or a baddie
  10. Handcuffs; see above.
  11. A rubber snake, for instant atmosphere; throwing this around (Harry) and screaming in faux-terror (me) took up quite a lot of the day and caused endless delight
  12. Marvin, Harry’s right-hand mouse and inseparable companion, and finally..
  13. A strong rope; we used a waxed washing line rope, mostly as a lasso for wild animals, but also to tie around our waists when climbing the stairs / dangerous mountain.
Expedition Kit Contents

The Adventurers Challenge
Expedition Kit

my library bookplates

Printable Bookplates

harry store main photo

small pleasures

so absolutely in love for this creative super-mommy... a true inspiration for me as a future-mom!