idee creative per i nostri cuccioli!

un ricordo della loro nascita:

C'era una volta...

il galeone di capitan uncino:
rendilo ancora più magico inserendo al suo interno una lampadina

Elimina il fondo di un normale armadio, posizionalo di fronte all'ingresso di una stanza
ed avrai il tuo passaggio segreto per Narnia!

Dipingi un paesaggio e attacca un lampioncino vecchio stile

Attacca una porta per proteggere una presa di corrente... 
sarà l'ingresso per il Paese delle Meraviglie!

Ritaglia la sagoma di Peter Pan e applicala all'interno di una lampada... 

Dipingi un mobile in stile Cappellaio Matto e crea le sue tazze da tè

Trasforma un normale pomello da porta in qualcosa di magico

Trasforma un ombrello in tante fatine...

Dipingi una finta finestra affacciata sulla Londra vittoriana


Spiderman Mural by Leslie Michaels - Elgin, IL - Superhero Murals - Kids Room Murals 

Superman Mural by Leslie Michaels - Kids room Murals - Painted 2009 Superhero Murals 

Ironman Mural by Leslie Michaels - Superhero Murals - Kids Room Murals - This Superhero mural features Ironman,  Superman, Spiderman & Batman. 

Batman Mural by Leslie Michaels - Superhero Murals - Painted 2009 - Kids Room Murals 

Disney Fine Art - Magical March. Mickey Fantasia Sorcerer's Apprentice. Biggs Ltd. Gallery. Heirloom quality bridal, art, baby gifts and home decor. 1-800-362-0677. $450.:
Mickey-Mouse-in-The-Sorcerers-Apprentice.jpg (1200×1104):

 idea bellissima per la stanza dei giochi

Idee varie

Toy Story Themed Nursery 

Top 5 ideas for a Disney inspired bedroom Top 5 ideas for disney inspired bedrooms Top 5 ideas for disney inspired bedrooms disney 1 

So getting this for Colton!!!! Handpainted 5.5 tall wood letters by TheHandpaintedHero on Etsy Pinned for Ethan: A Nice Library Wall. A great way to keep books on your mind and at arm's reach. projectnursery.com Also a Great Storage Solution For Living With Kids or Classrooms.: Build this brilliant bucket pyramid. 

...Or create an art corner.Make a "motherboard" to track school paperwork.
Establish buckets to help collect runaway toys. 

You Are Our Greatest Adventure Sign by TheHouseofBelonging on Etsy:  


I kinda want to do one of these. I think I could do them all each day, besides make my bed. I am not making my bed, screw that. 

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/185471057/superhero-reclaimed-wood-sign-little 

Do the road with magnetic paint and add magnets to the cars...:  

DIY Flameless Fire Pit | Indoor Decorating String Light Craft Ideas by Diy Ready http://diyready.com/diy-room-decor-with-string-lights-you-can-use-year-round/:  


Ship bed:  
A true SUPERHERO/Subway Style/Boy by TheGingerbreadShoppe on Etsy, $34.95:  

A cuddly rock room. Like a ball pit, but with rocks. Work as seating, pillows, easy to make, definitely inspiring for pretend.:  
Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/176565998/story-book-wall-hanging:  
Im in LOVE! My dream wall for our Daughter! `Bambie room`:

manchannel: By Claudio Bitetti on Teaching Literacy: pillow :):

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