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30 Fun Diy Repurposed Toys Ideas | Daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on Architecture, Art and Design:  

30 Fun Diy Repurposed Toys Ideas  

30 Fun Diy Repurposed Toys Ideas  

Repurpose toys into bookends in playroom? I like that idea!:  

30 Fun Diy Repurposed Toys Ideas 

Legos can also help you make sure you never forget your keys again. 

I'm so making one of these some day :):  

Plastic toys glued to a mirror and spray painted! Great way to get rid of, I mean, use up all those pesky little toys! 

30 Fun Diy Repurposed Toys Ideas 

Clothes pins bag from plastic bottles in plastics diy with Repurposed pins clothe pins Bottle bad:  

Drawstring block bag which doubles as a play mat when open. Could even make two playmats in one for double block play areas.:  

Here's a cool tip! Before you get rid of your kiddo's old/damaged teddy: 1. Un-stuff. 2. Light spray paint. 3. Press onto paper. A super fun way to preserve childhood memories! Via  

Stuffed Animals + Plushies Recycling Ideas | Apartment Therapy:  

Polka Dot Sculpture Horse Bookend. $120.00, via Etsy. Okay, I want to chop my breyers in half now.:  

Use inexpensive plastic tumblers and plastic dinosaurs to make these awesome DIY Dinosaur Handle Cups!:  

Make a salt handwriting tray from a wooden toy box - repinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our ped therapy, school & special ed pins 


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