sabato 13 settembre 2014


Steampunk USB flash drive with glowing interior and curved glass windows. 8 GIG. Copper, brass and glass. Waterproof. $215 on Etsy  
USB flash drive 8Gb

Ipod Iphone Music Amplifyer Speaker Copper Horn brass by CopperByT 

Ipod, Iphone Music Amplifyer






Steampunk Laptop So...AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

jfC. octopus ring - sevan bicakci.    If I ever do the mermaid costume this would be perfect! I love it no matter what though 




 Silver Elven Leaf Claw Armor // Set of 5. I don't know when I would ever wear these but I want them. 




 OOAK STEAMPUNK LAMP typewriter machine age by steampunkmountain. A must for any steampunk writer! #Steampunk 



Ériu (pronounced AIR-ree) is the Celtic Goddess of Ireland. She is one of the Tuatha de Danaan, the people of the Goddess Danu. When the Milesians arrived in Ireland and conquered them, Ériu and her two sisters, Banba and Fodla, all asked that the island be named for them. Ériu won, and the island was named Éire in her honor. Her name means “land of abundance,” 



Steampunk gadgets. Love the laptop. 



that's something...Steampunk piece to have sitting on display! 



A far better execution of the viewing window idea - Very clever Steampunk Corset by Nola Yergen 



Steampunk Tendencies | fully functional steampunk workstation... with keyboard, mouse, screen, plasma bulbs, lamps, webcam, nixie clock and various other gadgets by Steampunk Steampunker Clockworker #Steampunk ☮k☮ 



Steampunk chandelier 



Wow! steampunk-wheelchair-greg-hurley-02 



Steampunk Froggle Goggle and Skull gas mask combo 



Steampunk Leather Top Hat with Briar Smoking Pipe Vials full of Clockwork Parts Radio Tubes Chain D-Rings and a Bullet Casing Hand Stitched! on Etsy, $134.99 



Steampunk Tendencies | Collectible Steampunk Teddy Bears By Elena Kamatskaya #Steampunk #Teddybears #Bears 




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