sabato 13 settembre 2014

keep calm and play guitar

Its just me and my guitar. Doing the one thing that makes sense and feels better. 
Paul Villinski's Fable and Rise -  a visual melody of butterflies blooming out of the crevices of a cello and an electric guitar, respectively. It feels as though you can hear the music. He created the beautifully fluttering insects out of recycled cans that once littered the streets of New York. 

Steampunk Copper Colour LED Guitar 

the Gumball Guitar from Helmet Guitars. probably sounds terrible but C'MON. 

Idioma universal mediante el cual no necesitas hablar para expresar ese sentimiento, tan solo unas notas musicales, armonia y corazon seran suficientes para transmitir lo que sientes 

Guitar Stool/ Guitar Stand. Added this back onto my Etsy page as a made-to-order item. 

Blueberry "Hawk & Dragon" Electric Guitar  #design #guitar 

I'm looking at making a guitar in my Resistant Materials course and this will come in useful 

Most expensive guitar ever sold ($2.7 million) signed by all those names    (*Um, wow.  Just wow.  kmh*) 

Story of the Stratocaster 

Tabouret Guitare 

Cowcaster Billy Gibbons Tribute 

guns and music hand in hand. i dont know what it is but i like it 

Liked by - suppliers of bespoke aluminium bifold doors & roof lanterns  Guitar Aquarium... how neat =) 

Ok, this one's just plain stupid… or is it?! This fully-functioning Stratocaster/work of art by Japanese artist Yoshihiko Satoh, has 72 strings of pure power. You might need an extra arm or two to fully rock out, but imagine walking out on stage with this baby strapped around your neck. Talk about Rock God…! 

The Metal Dragon 

Take a Bathroom Break on a Guitar-Shaped Toilet Seat: Kentucky, USA

Musician Goes to the Grave in a Guitar Coffin: England 



Swine Strummers 

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