giovedì 18 settembre 2014

colori pastello

With a matching helmet, SVP. 
Previously working in child care, i know that not only making jewelry improves motor skills, it also leaves you with a cute bracelet!  These beads are beautiful and lend themselves to an activity fit for all ages. 
pastel chairs pink and blue 
I want this room. What? It's not like I only want it for all of the pastels!  Ok, maybe I do. Just a little bit... 
I like the color of these town homes. It's like a beautiful Shabby Chic color palette. 
I would love this for my kitchen! It was common to find the house phone in the kitchen in the 50's/60's 

pastel colors keyboard. This would be soothing to look at all day instead of a plain old black keyboard 
Summer Converse... Okay well then I need every color! I really want them all  red. Navy and white. :-) 
Shop the pastel trend here - 
Wouldn't this be fantastic... and what a way to see Paris in the Spring! #Springspiration #competition #atterleyroad 

Heart Handmade UK: Pretty Pastel Danish Home 

Oh my... 
pastel small kitchen appliances | kitchen pinterest small appliances kitchenaid cake servers ladies and ... 

inspiration moodboard pastel colors une parisienne sémerveille 

pastelsweeteners:  Untitled on We Heart It. <span class="EmojiInput mj105" title="Kiss Mark"></span> 

A pretty little tea party 

A vintage pink radio -  I am looking for one of these that still works for our kitchen! 

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