domenica 14 settembre 2014


"I'm not saying I'm Batman ... I'm just saying NOBODY has ever seen me and Batman in a room together." FROM: Batman Off Shoulder Top 

Yes! Or going thru Taco Bell... Lol @Ariaes 

Na na na na — Batshelf! Squeeze graphic novels and various books about justice into this handmade Batman Bookshelf ($277). 


Batman Hotel in Taiwan | If I ever win the lottery, this will be my bedroom, and the rest of the house will look like The Who Shop and Hogwarts. ;) 


Definitely getting my kid this one day!! 

So Very True About How We See Ourselves Sometimes. 

I have a pen that does this exact thing.

"You can find this in Batman and Robin: Vol 1 Born to Kill" Bruce tells his son, Damian about it. :)" -Chels 

Giant Lego Batman Is Too Stiff To Fight Crimes 

Batman Toilet Paper Holder - Poor Batman ;) 

I don't play chess and I can take it or leave it when it comes to Batman, but this Batman Chess Set is awesome. $800 though. 

The Progression of Batman... the older ones I think are better. They're more comical then the newer ones.

im glad im not bat MAN but I cant say the same about bat g... oops Rorschach Test: Do You See The Batman, Or the Joker?

This is super funny because the second letter in my first name is "H" and the first letter in my last name is "H" lol sooo i am BATMAN:P 

Batman Projection Alarm Clock (Image courtesy What on Earth) 

Batman movie poster minimalist poster movie print by Harshness. $19.00 USD, via Etsy. 

I want one! 

Batcave made out of 20,000 LEGO pieces… now with more detail. 

Batman Macbook decal (also available for iPhones and iPads) 

{Batman caped pint glass} kinda want this... 

The best BATMAN car seat covers I've ever seen 


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