domenica 14 settembre 2014

and the pianoman

When I'm mad, sad, or happy... it always makes me feel better!! :)

Nothing much more beautiful and peaceful than a used, loved piano in a quiet corner. Love.

Piano isn't something where you just sit down and play a symphony. We have to practice and follow the steps to playing music. And i have learned that I meed to keep following my dreams 

That's how it starts - just touch a key and hear the sound - you're making music, little one!

music. this image can mean anything to anyone 

Haha! They turned it into a water fall! 

Play it again baby! 

Piano Art by Laura A. Lee, via Flickr  (How cool is this?!?) 

Elementary Piano Class back in 1947    Photo made by in 1947 by the famous photographer Yale Joel and featured in one of "Life" Magazine's Issues of those times. 


...from a different angle 

Apprendre ensemble, c'est tellement plus simple.

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