martedì 8 ottobre 2013

fiori da indossare





flowers dress 

Flower Dress and a Horse 


Flower manequin (ladies restroom) 

Flower dress 

Faux Dupioni flower dress. - MannequinMadness has distressed mannequins that you can use for art projects like this 

Evening dresses Arte Sacra 2013-2014 

love the idea of a flower dress 

Very Pretty Dress Made of Fresh Flowers .... 


Boué Soeurs, is  the ultra-romantic and somewhat mysterious French fashion house from the early 20th century. 

Macy's Flower Show Windows 2008 - NYC 

Floral Wings ... 

Flower Tutu :) 

Real Flower Arrangement Dress - Gorgeous-Grand-wedding-dresses.jpg (455×683) 

Flower girl dress, with real flowers. 

flower dress 

Kate Pankoke Project Runway   Floral and hardware 

Found on via Tumblr 


flower dress Khun K  We sell new and used mannequins and forms at Mannequin Madness so you can create budget friendly window displays like this. 

Amazing Real Rose Wedding Dress ... 

via 666photography 

Flowers #  Gown ... 

flower dres 

Flower Dresses 

flower dress 

Succulent bodice with an ivy cool! 

Beautiful, thats a lot of flowers!!! Image from Grosgrain Fabulous Blog 


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