domenica 13 ottobre 2013

attenti al gatto

Cats | Miscs by mae

Cats by J'd 

For the cats by Khandiie  

for my cats by Khandiie 

cats deserve this by luella 

Cats are weird by KaLeeBunny2010 

cats! by juno-janus 

Kitty Heaven. How many likes for that !!! 

Cat home 

Cat home! 

Cats home ... by Jan Allaerts 

Cat home 

Kitty Tree House 

Kitty Fabric Hammock 

Kitty playpens 

Maybe I should add: Space Savers:  Cat Condo from old Dresser idea    Seriously: If you have cats - you know how expensive Cat condos, trees, furniture etc cost. - so why not DIY 

Kitty climbing corner 

Nail a large round basket to the wall and put a cozy blanket inside - Instant Cat Bed! 

Cat Home. They would love it 

A chair for 2: Rocking Chair and Dog/Cat House 

South African company intros high-end quarters for cats | Home Crux 

cats home 


A #treehouse for your cat! Genius! Feline Design - DIY for Cat Homes 

Leap & Sleep Cat Tree 

Simon's cat, the box guide

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