venerdì 6 settembre 2013


Our store..
❥ Susie & Mark Holt's shop in FL~ love this!!Posh. 

Love  the Blues in our store..My favorite Door Posh On Palm
Posh On Palm, an old Bird Cage Mark made into a Chandelier

Posh On Palm's one of a kind  jewelry

One great find

Our Cafe' at Posh

Our store


Great Ceiling in Our store. Love my Building, it's an Old Hotel from the 1920's

Dress Forms

 Great Shade I made...

wall treatment at Posh on Palm, Sarasota FL... vintage sheet music and book pages under rough plaster

Vintage pillowcases


Jewel-encrusted Wake-up call.....

so pretty.

Alchemy of Objects

Doily. Just love this...

beach retreat

country french antiques


rope hangings ❤

barn door coffee table (from Buckets of Burlap)

pebbles, love it.    

driftwood candle holder, what a cool idea! Looks do-able too


crocheted drapes... sweet!  

decorated garden gate






C ℎ a t e a u . C ℎ i c

zinc range hood

Dream ideas.

rustic tin style

Painted Clock

French Bed


Patchworky Linen at Carol Hicks Bolton  photo by Amy Boland Photography

Delicious Burlap Curtains at Carol Hicks Bolton


burlap lampshades by Lorraine White #roundtop

Love these girls!

 Maybe I could make something like this?

old lampshade from Blossoms Vintage Chic 

Hammock and mosquito netting hung on trees in back yard for a relaxing retreat.





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