una mela al giorno...

An apple a day... 











4 Amazing Apple Designs 

Apple duck 

A Skull-Apple a Day will Help You Seize the Day! 

funny apple drawer 

Lol. #funny #Apple #laptop #ghetto 

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr matey

crabby apple after school snack for kids 

sure, an apple a day keeps the doctor away ,,, but should it?? 

YES. YES YES YES. lmfao. 

Funny Apples Wallpaper via http://wallpoper.com 

Funny apple 

Gosh! Your baby gonna love it! Very simple idea of heart style funny red apple :-) For Valentine's or Halloween? 

Funny Apples 

Caramel Apple Sundae 

Love apples 

Mouse Apple House