Postcard-Love the Arts-Piano 2  



peeling piano 


Chaussure piano. Cours de piano/tutoriel : www.mon-cours-de-piano.fr 

Question for piano players, from one of our younger facebook fans: What's the most challenging piano piece you've ever played? 

White on white piano. Heaven. 

Piano Tombstone  Cedar Hill Cemetery, Vicksburg, Mississippi. The word among Vicksburg children is that if you visit the cemetery at midnight and touch the keys, the piano will start playing. 

Steinway UniNote! 


Piano Tree, Monterey, California 

center pieces 

mother of pearl keys henry hawkey 1850 

piano fountain! 

Musical serenity 

Piano Art 

Music staff 

old soul 


piano table 

..apparently before the digital keyboard era :) 


Never too late for piano - NEVER! 

Piano Promenade by ~Elvazur, via deviantART 

Interesting Piano Notes: When the piano was first invented in 1709, was originally called the gravicembalo col piano e forte. Which meant that it was an instrument that could play both piano (soft/quiet) and forte (loud)! Nowadays it is commonly called the Piano! 

free piano tuition for kids 

This pale, vintage filled holiday decor setting is so, so strikingly beautiful. *Love* #vintage #piano #Christmas #decor #shabby #chic #pale #decorations #display #holidays #winter #white