cob houses II


cob house


cob house interior 

Beautiful cob house kitchen 

I love the curving organic details that are possible when building with cob. 

Cob house window 

! Cob house interior, a dome shaped roof 

Cob house 

cob house 

Cob House 

cob house interior 

More Cob Houses 

Myrtle Cob house Library, Coquille Oregon 

Cob house art 

cob house 

Inside Cob House by Mermaid Hair, via Flickr 

Cob house, Missouri 

Cob house 

Building a cob wall. 

Cobhousewindow  Through the window of a cob house on Salsbury drive in Vancouver. 

awesome window for the cob house 

la Grèce    I can see this in one of the Cob houses I've got the fireplace visible from dining and kitchen. 

cob houses are awesome ;) 


room in cob house 

How To Install Terracotta Tile Floor in Cob House (with Pictures)