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Tiny Steampunk house 
Turkish Cave House 
turtle house 
Castle treehouse 
Ornate House, Mykonos, Greece photo via carolina 
RedHotPogo: Strange Houses 4 
Strange House 
Strange House 
Houses Made of Strange Materials ~ Now That's Nifty 
strange house 
referred to by locals as the "Dr. Suess House" It just TOWERS over the tree tops and appears to have anywhere from 10 - 12 stories... Although as you can see it's kinda hard to figure out where one level ends and the next begins. 
strange homes 11 - Weird Houses 
Strange Houses On Unusual Places 
strange house 
A strange house 
strange houses 
if i find this place and move in, you may never hear from me again. but how could i be unhappy?    This is a strange house built into the cliff on one of the islands near Bequia. It is abandoned now. The beginning of the rail for the grand staircase is actually a whale rib. Grenadines, in the Carribean 
Fancy - Arctic Abode | Strange Houses & Weird Homes 
Strange airplane house 
The Stone House in Portugal. - Pretty interesting... but not sure I'd want to say the third stone to the right when giving directions! 
Strange Houses On Unusual Places Gallery  
STRANGE TREE HOUSES! - AMAZING wouldnt mind a tree house like this one 
strange wood house 
strange houses 
20 Most Bizarre Houses around the world - (strange houses, weird houses) @ 
Habitat 67, Montreal, Canada 
Strange Housing by moacirdsp, via Flickr - I would love to see more pictures, or get more details if anyone finds them :) 
"This strange tree house is covered with mirror plexiglas that reflects the nature & the colors outside. As Pete Nelson wrote: “A sparkling beacon among treetops, it is easy to imagine the dome succeeding at its mission to make contract with alien life”. ((Though the 1st thing I wondered is are the birds flying into the mirrors? :(